About us

elph store has been lovingly curated as a beautiful and bespoke retail space by sisters, Eloise and Sophie, and their mother, Belinda. Inspired by family gatherings and the joy of sharing meals and time together, we hope our collection will enhance your everyday and any special occasion. 

ceramics by elph ceramics // Ghost Wares // Vicki Grima // Keepsake by Sarah O'Sullivan // Little White Dish // RaRa Studio // Sandy Lockwood // Made by Holly // Mukumono // Peter McCarthy // Julie Pennington // Paige Phillips // Brett Stoneware // Timna Taylor // Domestic pots by Kati Watson // Hayden Youlley Design

table linen by Cultiver // tea by Tippity Tea // cutlery by Kinnow Cutlery // placemats and paper bags by Uashmama

hello@elphstore.com // 02 9332 2689 // @elphstore_

elph store is located at 12 William Street, Paddington NSW